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A very nice boy bought me the ingredients to make a vegan pizza. :3

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Tyson more like byeson

"Just another classist white vegan."

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I’m Asian.

Veganism is not limiting. Meat-eaters think we only eat salads.Take away animal flesh and products, and the only other food you can think of is lettuce. Whose diet is limiting?

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Been looking for a succinct way to phrase this.

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  • Me 8 years ago: I want a carnage pizza with blood for sauce.
  • Me 7 years ago: Red meat is really bad for you. I'll just have chicken and fish instead.
  • Me 6 years ago: I wouldn't want my cat to die, so I shouldn't make a chicken go through that either. I'll just cut out meat, fur, and leather, and stick to milk, eggs, and veggies.
  • Me 5 years ago: I don't really like eggs anymore, and I buy soy milk sometimes, but I just loooooove cheese. Veganism is too extreme, so maybe I can just get local cheese from happy cows.
  • Me 4 years ago: Shit. I guess there is no such thing as happy cows. Fuck this. Goodbye cheese. Hello vegan lifestyle!
  • Me 3 years ago: I guess subsistence hunting is still okay.
  • Me 2 years ago: Nothing is okay.
  • Me 1 year ago: NOTHING IS OKAY.
  • Me now: Fuck your pointy teeth, fuck your "deer overpopulation", fuck your friend of a friend of a friend who went vegan for 6 hours and got sick and never went back, fuck your shitty understanding of evolution and biology, fuck your armchair nutritionist bullshit, fuck your burger recipe, fuck your cook out photos, fuck your fashion, fuck "plant intelligence," fuck your "personal choice," fuck your food chain, fuck your taste preference, fuck your tradition, FUCK ALL OF YOUR EXCUSES. GO VEGAN OR FUCK OFF.

I’ve been having the longest, most asinine argument with a friend of a friend on Facebook on the topic of omnivorous diets vs vegan diets. They’ve pulled out all the “plants are alive too,” “you can’t get all nutrients being vegan,” and “evolution” arguments. I just… ugh.

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25 Vegan Comfort Foods

Vegans rejoice: meat prices rising more than prices for fresh fruits and vegetables - Wall Street Journal

Nevermind the fact that pork and fish are also meat. 

Nevermind the fact that it has always been cheaper to be vegan. What this article shows is that meat prices are rising at a faster rate than produce. Apparently this has spurred them to start claiming that it is now miraculously cheaper to go vegan. I’ll bet if the inflation rates for both meat and veg were around the same percentage, they wouldn’t have even bothered to write this article, even though produce, as well as vegan staples like beans, grains, etc., would still have been cheaper. 

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Eating meat is funny and sexy; don’t stop eating meat!

By Lisa Wade, PhD

Activist Carol Adams has famously argued that the common phenomenon of sexualizing meat products is designed to make us feel better about eating animals. One of the ways it does this is by making it funny.  She explains:

Uneasiness becomes sexual energy… and everybody knows what to do about sexual energy.  You can laugh at it, you can talk about it, it reduces whoever is presented to an object.  And so it makes it okay again.

Sexualizing meat also turns the object of consumption, the animal, into a willing participant.  Sex takes two and, even when one partner is objectified, there is a desire.  If not “want,” it’s a “want to be wanted.”

If the meat wants you to want it, then you don’t have to feel bad about eating it.  As I’ve written before, “this works best alongside feminization, as it is women who are typically presented as objects of a lustful male gaze.”

The ad above, in which roosters flock to Carl’s Jr to ogle and lust over chicken “breasts,” is a disturbing example.

Thanks to @wegotwits for the link!

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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"Strong men with big muscles who are nice to animals make my knees weak."

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You can easily fix that by doing some squats. 

Vegans by religion…

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Of the 674 Tumblr vegans who have so far responded to questions about what religion they personally follow, they have reported themselves to be approximately:

  • 0.5% Hindu
  • 0.5% Muslim
  • 1.7% Jewish
  • 6.9% Agnostic
  • 7.5% Buddhist
  • 7.7% Nature-based religion
  • 9.9% Christian
  • 65.9% Atheist

To see each post regarding veganism and religion, go here.

(Note that this data is based on self-reporting and does not reflect the entire vegan population. Rather, it is meant to show the demographics of those who have come across this blog and these statements on this website [Tumblr] on their own.)

"I love your blog bc I am a poor vegan and this gives me hope that other people will realize that you can have this wonderful lifestyle on a budget"

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Busting myths by daylight, eating tofu by moonlight. 

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It is literally cheaper to house homeless people than it is to just leave them on the streets

And instead of trying to match homeless people up with one of the 24 empty homes available for every homeless person

People are literally paying to put in fucking spikes under bridges, in doorways and, yes, on fucking public benches in order to make it harder for homeless people to find a place to sleep.

What a fucked up world we live in.

or why don’t they get a job and sober up instead of relying on non-homeless people for their main income source. them getting a job is definitely cheaper than housing them, and them continuing to stay there because they’re lazy and don’t want to do anything with their lives. now that’s an idea. and next time, don’t link people to some random-ass tumblr blog. i want real news sources (ex: NBC, Huff Post, Fox News, MSNBC, etc…)

god damn fucking five year olds without homes…man…fuck em! why can’t they lay off the booze and just get a job!! everyone can afford a house if they just get a job, right? because the average living wage is enough to pay for a house, right? and why would anyone want to house the homeless!? god, those homeless fuckers really should just get rid of their mental illnesses (without therapy) and their addictions (without rehab) and get a job (without assistance)! clearly they just want to be homeless because being homeless is so much fun and everyone treats you so well.

what are real news sources!? what’s using google instead of being an ignorant mouthy little punk on tumblr!? god damn, using the internet is so fucking hard for people like me!! (I FUCKING LOVE THAT HUFF POST ACTUALLY FUCKING PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE TALKING ABOUT THIS SHIT.)

really though shut the fuck up forever

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I made an OkC account. 

I vote that all the Tumblr vegans make OKC accounts, and then answer a bunch of questions to get their match percentages, and then we can all see how similar we are to each other!